Featuring more stuff I like to do with denim, this time I take you with me on my regular night cycle around Singapore. Singapore is an amazing island with nicely paved roads and interesting architecture thats illuminated come night fall. If you’re travelling to Singapore, rent a bicycle and look out for some routes. No better way to explore the island, this I promise you. Some denim seen in this video: – The Flat Head – Evisu x Warehouse x Hidehiko Yamane – Fullcount – Unbranded – Nudie Jeans – Cheap Monday This was filmed over a few rides as you could imagine. The cycling community here is extremely friendly and caring for their fellow comrades. The usual parting words are “Ride hard, Stay safe!”. Grab a bicycle and drop in on one of my rides some time! Everyone is welcomed to tag along and we’ll make another epic video together! As always, watch in 1080p HD!

While in Bangkok, I decided to pay the Thai Army a visit at the shooting range! The inspiration came when “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” played on the hotel room telly. I was overwhelmed with an unexplainable yearn for something exciting and adventurous. Shooting guns in a foreign country seemed the perfect fit! The Thai Army was practising with high calibre rifles in the lanes next to us. It sounded like a cannon going off! Here’s the run down on the firearms we were privileged to try. Czech made CZ 75 9mm. First conceived by Josef and František Koucký in 1975. It’s well known for being reliable and reasonably priced. I found it pretty damn accurate! It was reasonably heavy, though not so heavy I couldn’t feel the kick. Smith & Wesson Magnum 38 that’s made in the USA. It’s a heavy little revolver that’s extremely well known from the western/detective movies. I was quickly told that clicking the revolving magazine back in place with a flick of the firing hand was complete and utter bollocks. I expected more of a kick from this gun, however, the gun is very heavy and the recoil was subdued as a result. It was a very difficult gun to shoot as the sights seemed fairly useless! My friend John fired some .222 sniper rifle that wouldn’t look out of place in a farm for rabbit hunting. It had a nice scope and he had a very tight grouping as a result. He was quite disappointed by the lack of power I think. Finally, the legendary Benelli M3 shotgun. I was rather excited handling this heavy pump action shotgun. I’m not sure why, but shotguns have a special place in my (iron) heart. The owner of the shooting business is a very old man who shares the same passion as me when it comes to shotguns! In fact, he’s a shotgun competitor with …

Hall Of Fade visits the PRONTO Denim Carnival 2014 in Siam Paragon Bangkok, Thailand. Every year the Denim Carnival has a different theme. Last year it was about miners, this year its about Go(-ing) Green. In keeping with the Go Green theme, there were organic fair trade cotton tees by Nudie, up-cycling bags by Freitag, collaborations with almost every single brand present. The collaborations featured a green stitch on the back pocket as a limited edition collection just for this year’s Denim Carnival. It was an excellent turn out by the people behind our favourite brands! I met my Canadian buddies from Naked and Famous Denim, Brandon Svarc and Bahzad Trinos. Bahzad can be seen showing off a new model that starts out black and fades to blue! Fascinating! Cameron from Imperial Brand Clothing was there featuring his new collection called Toil. Each pair features a little T abrasion on the side thats hand done in the factory. Team Iron Heart was present in full force! Both Haraki and Giles were busy signing autographs. The lovely Paula was busy welcoming everyone despite the heat. Sarina was adorable as always! They sold out on the Go Green collaboration with Pronto in a couple of hours. I met Michael Hodis from Rising Sun. He was like a kindred spirit. We talked so much I completely forgot about filming the booth! He has quite the collection of vintage cars and bikes, in keeping with his heritage line surely. The Stevenson Overall crew were very animated as well. Zipp and Tagaya were really working the crowd throughout the afternoon. I hear interesting things are coming our way next year. Tenjin Works had a giant leather wallet sitting at their booth. Not sure if anyone there could afford to buy it if it was for sale! Japan Blue Jeans had a very sweet gallery of boros styled denim hanging off all the walls. My brothers …

At Hall Of Fade, we strive to be as creative as possible with most things. When we decided to have a Lucky Draw category in this year’s Dry vs Dry 2014, we wanted to pick a winner like no one else has before. Going through a wealth spring of ideas, a knife throw seemed to fit best. However, this is no ordinary knife throw. It is a BLINDFOLDED approximately 8 ft knife throw! Check out the video to see what transpired and who won our first lucky draw giveaway this year! The winner walks away with 6000 Baht store credit from Pronto Denim, Thailand.

Kronoz Shop from KL, Malaysia, have selected their Best Atari (or Best Contrast) Champion! This was an undisputed winner for them! Congratulations.. MDSSMITH did an outstanding job with this pair of Pure Blue Japan 24oz 005 cut. Interested to know how he achieved this result? None better than to quote from the champ himself: “These jeans have been with me for 5 road trips, 3 camping trips, and more concerts/house shows than I can count. First wash happened at about 1 year. Estimated wear is around 14 months total.” Moral of the story? Get out there and have some adventures in your denim! MDSSMITH swaggers away with Malaysian Ringgit $1000 store credit from the Kronoz Shop! We’ve got just one more prize to give away, the much anticipated LUCKY DRAW prize where everyone has one last chance to win something. There will be a video of the selection process and this would take a little time. Maybe a week. Bear with us and stay tuned!

The Cultizm team from Germany have picked their Champion for the ‘Best Vintage’ fade category. After a bit of back and forth, they have (unbeknownst to them), picked a submission from Germany! Congratulations to Selvageman and his Edwin ED-47 Rainbow Selvedge! He’s had this pair since October 2010 and worn them hard for 4 years straight! They’ve received only 2 soaks in the past 4 years. They’ve received 0 patches, despite his active lifestyle. Selvageman walks away with a €300 store credit to be spent on raw denim at Cultizm! More announcements to follow! Stay tuned!

Red Cloud & Co is no longer a stranger in the world of raw denim. The brand had gained its popularity within the community and attracted denim lovers’ attention especially to amongst ladies like me. This time I, Ika Surjosantoso (Kayodic), have teamed up with Red Cloud Indonesia to create several looks called “Stay loose stay comfy”. Inspired by Red Cloud’s high craftsmanship, I’ve made a photoset that shows off my passion for workwear with a twist of street aesthetic as shown below; Look 1: WS 013W-1 White Oxford Workshirt; inspired by 1920s-1930s American Workwear, oxford style, double needled side seam and frontal button, chain stitched run-offs Ladies Wabash; Lot 5500, Turpan long staple cotton Red Cloud Bandana Look 2: WS 21-1 Wabash Dot Workshirt; 4.5oz Red Cloud wabash dot indigo dyed fabric, inspired by 1930s workwear era, cats eye button, double needled side seam with chain stitched run-offs 2065A Olive Military Chino; straight tapered, 9.5oz Xinjiang cotton, 1941 Military style inspired Look 3: 2065A Olive Military Chino; straight tapered, 9.5oz Xinjiang cotton, 1941 Military style inspired Red Cloud Bandana Look 4: WS 16-1 Blue Checkered Workshirt; inspired by 1920s-1930s American Workwear, double needled side seam Red Cloud R423XX; unsanforized 13.7oz Turpan cotton, 1955 style inspired, straight tapered-high waist For inquiry: Tuckshop Sundry and Supplies : Red Cloud Indonesia : Instagram : @redcloudindonesia Photos and Styling Direction: Ika Surjosantoso Email: Instagram: @thekayodic – Kayodic

TATE + YOKO have picked what they’ve deemed the BEST OVERALL for the entire Dry vs Dry 2014 competition. It was far from an easy choice with 45 competitors this year, each touting their own unique qualities. Please join me in congratulating these winners!   Winner of Best Overall is none other than YITZHAK with his unbelievably faded Naked & Famous Denim Left Hand Twill Jeans! He’s worn this pair every day for the past 18 months with 4 patches to boot! Yitzhak walks away with USD$200 store credit at the TATE + YOKO Store.   Runner up for Best Overall is SHININGACE with his pair of Unbranded Jeans model UB101! This was his very first pair of dry denim and he has done a most remarkable job! SHININGACE walks away with a Naked & Famous 15oz leather belt.   More announcements to come shortly!

Congratulations to the winners of the Most Destroyed category, hand picked by Kiya from Self Edge USA.   BloodyNutz champions this category with this unbelievably worn out Flat Head 2111. This pair has seen more than 10 washes and worn every day. BloodyNutz walks away with a USD$200 gift card from the Self Edge USA store!     FAIZAMSYAR is our runner up for this category with a pair of beat up Simon Millers! He’s had this pair since 2010 and has worn it every day since! FAIZAMSYAR walks away with a well deserved USD$100 gift card from the Self Edge USA store!   More winner announcements to follow over the next couple of weeks! We thank everyone who’s participated and especially to our generous sponsors for these amazing prizes!

Hall of Fade presents Dry vs Dry Worldwide 2014! (Click on image to expand the poster) This is our fourth year running of the highly anticipated Dry Denim contest. Having run this contest so often, we’ve learnt a few things about our viewers and participants. For example, we’ve learnt that a greater number of prizes means greater participation. Also, plenty of lurking denim heads out there are hesitant to participate in this contest due to its serious nature. They tend to second guess their works of art and have recurring thoughts like “what if mine isn’t good enough?”. This year, we plan to address that issue. Every year we’ve done something slightly different and have seen corresponding rises in participation levels. We’ve completely broken that mould and are set to receive unprecedented participation levels from both new comers to the scene and denim veterans alike. We will be having 5 Categories this year. Which also means there will be only 5 judges and 7 prizes up for grabs. A buddy once asked me why don’t I start a contest where there were prizes for each distinctive class of wear. It was a fantastic idea and it got me real excited to organize this year’s one of a kind fading contest. The 5 Categories: - Lucky Draw. Every participant that enters, no matter how faded (or unfaded) stands to win a pair of jeans! The winner will be selected by a most interesting and extreme fashion, captured all on video! I’ve thought up some crazy ideas and you’ll be just as interested in seeing what I’ve come up with as you would be in winning the prize! Pronto Denim from Thailand will be the sponsor for this category. - Most Destroyed. The pair that shows the most rips, tears, abrasion, wins! Please include a description on how you’ve worn your pair through the years. Whether you’ve fought a bear, fell down a cliff or were marooned on …