ByBeatle Denim Raffle For H2O
Jun 23, 2013

Beatle has launched her new label ByBeatle, starting with her first pair of jeans called the Volume 1. In light of her upcoming launch event in London with Rivet and Hide, she has generously started a charitable raffle. All donations start at $15. The proceeds will go to a very noble cause called “The Water Project”. The money would be used to drive The Water Project’s efforts to bring accessible clean water to the several needy people in Africa. Even something as basic as having clean potable water is a daily struggle for the folk in Africa.

To encourage the donations to stream in, Beatle has offered a grand prize for the raffle winner. A pair of her very own ByBeatle Volume 1 jeans. The following is the announcement that can be found on the Superfuture thread started by Beatle.

Okay – we all love denim. And we do care where it came from, where it was made and which philosophy a brand represents.

I’ve recently ventured into the wild world of running my own brand. The first run is completed and some of you are already wearing a pair.

To me that is the prefect time to give something back to people who are less fortunate than we are.

So here it is – the First Worldwide Denim Raffle

In alliance with Rivet & Hide London;  Bybeatle is giving away a pair of Bybeatle Volume One.

All donations above costs collected will go to






Suggested donations which are also your official raffle ticket start at $15

Please state “H2O BYBEATLE” and your jeans size with your donation.

All donations are collected via paypal account

The raffle is open until June 30th, 2pm London time.

The winner and collected amount of donations will be revealed at the Rivet & Hide Workshop Launch Party, June 30th 2013.

Thanks so much for your support – now let’s get some clean water to Africa.



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