Dry vs Dry 2014
Aug 31, 2014

Hall of Fade presents Dry vs Dry Worldwide 2014! (Click on image to expand the poster)

This is our fourth year running of the highly anticipated Dry Denim contest. Having run this contest so often, we’ve learnt a few things about our viewers and participants. For example, we’ve learnt that a greater number of prizes means greater participation. Also, plenty of lurking denim heads out there are hesitant to participate in this contest due to its serious nature. They tend to second guess their works of art and have recurring thoughts like “what if mine isn’t good enough?”. This year, we plan to address that issue.

Every year we’ve done something slightly different and have seen corresponding rises in participation levels. We’ve completely broken that mould and are set to receive unprecedented participation levels from both new comers to the scene and denim veterans alike.

We will be having 5 Categories this year. Which also means there will be only 5 judges and 7 prizes up for grabs. A buddy once asked me why don’t I start a contest where there were prizes for each distinctive class of wear. It was a fantastic idea and it got me real excited to organize this year’s one of a kind fading contest.

The 5 Categories:

- Lucky Draw. Every participant that enters, no matter how faded (or unfaded) stands to win a pair of jeans! The winner will be selected by a most interesting and extreme fashion, captured all on video! I’ve thought up some crazy ideas and you’ll be just as interested in seeing what I’ve come up with as you would be in winning the prize! Pronto Denim from Thailand will be the sponsor for this category.

- Most Destroyed. The pair that shows the most rips, tears, abrasion, wins! Please include a description on how you’ve worn your pair through the years. Whether you’ve fought a bear, fell down a cliff or were marooned on an island with just your denim, we want to know! There will be 2 prizes up for grabs, USD$200 store credit to the 1st place winner and USD$100 store credit to the runner up! Judge and sponsor for this category will be Self Edge from USA.

- Best Vintage Fade. I’m sure that even new comers will have no problems understanding this category. The pair that is well faded without distinctive markings and relatively gradual hues of blue wins this category! Think of denim worn by miners and cow boys of the Wild West. Should you win this category, you stand to walk away with EUR 300 store credit! Judge and sponsor for this category will be Cultizm from Germany.

- Best Atari Fade. If you’ve looked at highly faded denim examples off the net, you’d come across this style of fading more often than not. The pair that shows the most contrasts between hues of blues with distinctive structure and drastic results will win this category! Think lightning streaks cascading across your denim. The winner receives RM$1,000 store credit! Judge and sponsor for this category will be Kronoz Shop from Malaysia.

- Best Overall Fade. Finally, we present the overall denim champion. There can only be 1! (although we do have a runner-up prize). The submission with the most undisputed claim to the throne with what could only be described as the holy grail of denim fades, will win this category. The Champion will receive USD$200 store credit and the runner-up will receive a 15oz thick leather belt from Naked & Famous Denim. Judge and Sponsor for this category will be Tate + Yoko from Canada.

Now entering this contest will be the same as every year. You submit and we’ll decide which category it belongs to. You only need to submit 2-3 images of your pair. Try to keep your images small in file size but clear. Any submission we deem a repeat will be deleted. Pairs you’ve submitted for other contests will qualify as long as you use a brand new photo.

To find out how to submit your photo, click this link:


The contest starts NOW! It will run from 31st August 2014 – 31st October 2014. An early submission will do you good as there will be no chance you’ll miss out on the deadline. This is a worldwide contest so participants all over this planet will be allowed.

Have fun and best of luck to you!


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