Conditioning a B3 Sheepskin Leather Flight Jacket
Feb 13, 2015

This Sheepskin B3 Flight Jacket is looking quite dry. It’s brand new but it’s been drying out from sitting in a plastic wrapper for a few months.

I did a bit of research and found that Mustang Paste was the most appropriate and had the best feedback for Sheepskin application. The jacket is very dark in colour but I figured if I had to buy a little tub of oil, it better be good for lighter coloured leather too without changing the shade too much. This 100ml container can be used for conditioning 20 jackets or 60 pairs of shoes supposedly. (mileage may vary with use.) It can be used on any colour of leather too since the paste is completely colourless.

Mustang paste is made with 100% natural materials without wax or other additives. It’s made in the “Kumamotoā€¯ prefecture of Japan, where the strongest and healthiest horses are bred. It can be used on Horse, Cow, Sheep, Deer and Goat leather.

There isn’t a strong smell like the leather oils I’ve used. In fact, there isn’t much of a smell at all. The paste is very soft and thus easily applied to the surface of the leather. The sheepskin leather seemed to soak it all in just as quickly as I applied it.

As instructed in the video, first you wipe or brush off any dirt and dust from the jacket.

After which, you apply small amounts of paste to the sheepskin and massage the oil into the leather in circular motions.

Do not neglect all the leather trims on the zippers, belt buckles and such.

Once a light coat has been applied to all sides, leave it to dry for 24 hours at least.

After 24 hours, assess whether the jacket requires another coat of oil.

Once it’s all dry, spray a leather protectant over it and you’re all set!

Use a cotton cover that’s breathable to store the jacket.

P.S no annoying music in this one!

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