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Mar 5, 2012

Take a look at some of these contests up on Superfuture while you wait for the dedicated folks at Hall of Fade to bring you the events you’ve been waiting for!

Hansboodt SuperContest – Immortalize yourself this march! Submit your most unusual poses and a mannequin could be made in your stunning image. USD$1000 awaits the chosen ones. Enter Here

Denime 66xx Type 2 Contest – Yet to start. Participants are required to sign up on this thread, and purchase the special run of Denime 66xx. The contest is slated to last 2 years and prizes would be sponsored by Take 5 and Denime. Enter Here

Samurai Jeans 5th Anniversary Contest – Yet to start. Participants are required to sign up on this thread, however, slots may be full, so check with Beautiful_Freak if you’d like to participate. Participants have to purchase a pair of S0500XX from the sponsor DC4. Production on the S0500XX has been tight, which is why this contest hasn’t taken off yet. Interested participants Enter Here

Left Field NYC Selvage Duck Chino Contest – Started 01/01/12 and ends on 01/01/13. Although the contest has started, I’m quite sure you could still participate if you sign up on the thread now with a brand new pair. This contest is of particular interest to me as the fabric is quite lustrous! Enter Here

Rustler Jeans Contest – Started on 26/01/12 and ends on 26/07/2012. This was quite interesting. Participants start of with a RRP $12 pair of jeans from Walmart and try to run this pair ragged in 6 months. If you’re as interested as I am in the end results, Click

Eternal 811 Contest – Started on 10/10/10 and ends on 12/12/12. This contest requires participants to purchase the 811 denim from BiG. Top 3 winners receive attractive gift certificates at BiG. Take a look at the contest, and in particular ah_long’s progress thus far. Its worth the Click

Self Edge x Dry Bones x Superfuture x Styleforum Denim Contest – Started on 28/02/2011 and ends on 28/02/2012. This contest requires participants to purchase the limited SExDBxSUFUxSF Denim. The winner gets his or her denim displayed in the Self Edge San Francisco store . 1st to 3rd place will receive a free copy of Warp and Weft the documentary, as well as some other prizes. Click

Heavy Weight Denim Competition of the World – Started on 01/02/11 and ends on 01/02/13 (probably). This contest requires participants to purchase any denim from any brand as long as it weighs 17oz and above. It’s a long 2 year competition, and they just did a half time meet up in Berlin late January this year. Winner receives a heavy weight leather championship boxing style belt made by Obbi Good Label, gift certificates at Self Edge, free lunch and beer from contest starter Megatron, picture of the winning pair printed on 2000 stickers which would be given away with each purchase at Self Edge, and a pair of one of a kind denim never before released by Self Edge. That was quite a list. Take a look at this lively, fun loving thread, its certainly worth your time. Click

- Saintkeat

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