Denim in Tokyo 2015
Feb 26, 2015

Welcome to my video on Tokyo, Japan.


Now before I begin, I’d just like to say that this is not a comprehensive guide to denim in Tokyo. I made this video with the intention to give some perspective on denim culture in Tokyo. It was winter and it was raining dreadfully for 2 days but I did manage to capture a few good shots.


This is EVISU. It’s located very near Ebisu and Daikanyama. I was told that most of the products in the store are unsurprisingly Made in Japan. However, there were a few racks that had Made in China shirts. So it’s best to ask where the good stuff is.


They have the whole range of EVISU dry denim in store, where you could opt for a hand painted gull on your back pockets. Bear in mind, that this may take 3-5 days to complete. A rush job is available at a further cost.


EVISU does not just make dry denim, they produce fanciful fishing tackle and even drivers and clubs. There was a very large formal menswear section in the back, that had everything from leather shoes to silk jackets.


Daikanyama is a very trendy street. It houses stores like Jelado and Warehouse Archives. Warehouse had brands like well Warehouse, Pendleton and Heller’s cafe to name a few.


Sorry about my buddy Justin’s singing there! We move on to Ueno. It is an amazing district that seems to have a little bit of everything. They had Pachinko centres, a fish market, lots of street food and ramen, hat stores, jewellery stores, even a BB gun store!


Now we come to the real reason why I visited Ueno! Americaya, Hinoya and General Garden are arguably a denim head’s wet dream. They’ve got whole sections of Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Schott NYC leather jackets, Buzz Rickson coats, Lonewolf shoes, Jelado shirts, you name it they’ll probably have it!


The denim brands were plentiful! From Denime to Samurais to Resolute to The Flat Head to Eternals, the list goes on and on! I had a look at Hinoya’s in house brand Burgus Plus, wound up walking away with a couple of pants!


While I was in Tokyo, I decided to look up Tagaya-san of Stevenson Overall Co. He was so warm and welcoming! Taking me through his office and to a private showroom for retailers’ eyes only, featuring his latest Spring / Summer collection! It turns out, that Tagaya-san was the first in Japan to use single needle construction on denim 13 years ago, producing a more durable pair of jeans.


Apart from the amazing knits and shirts, there were some incredible accessories like this silver bangle and ring set with Deer bone! This is a range of accessories produced by a different label called Mohawk also under Tagaya-san.


This is Takeshita Street in Harajuku. So many young and fashionable people explore the many cafes and boutiques even thrift shops this place has to offer.


If you’re in Harajuku, you must visit R.R.L.! It is like a denim museum!


I had the full intention to visit the Goro’s store, however, the line was 6 hours long and it stretched for a few blocks down! Instead, I looked at a secret vintage eyewear store at the basement of the same building, called Solakzade.


They converted this old swimming pool into a fashion retail store called The Pool by Hiroshi Fujiwara.


Although I’ve only been in Tokyo for such a short while, it’s remarkably apparent to me how denim is such a big part of Japanese culture. Just walking down Shibuya, you’ll find all kinds of people in denim from undoubtedly varying walks of life. We’re not just talking about the full on workwear bloke but everyone seems to see denim as a staple part of their wardrobe. I met a beautiful model the other night and she had on a very form fitting pair of denim, almost like she was reading my mind.


Anyways, this has been a spectacular trip, I hope you enjoyed taking it with me. I’ll definitely be heading back soon, I encourage you to do the same!


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