Denimhunters Launches New Webstore!
Feb 9, 2015

Denimhunters is a well known raw denim online journal that has existed for a few years now. Our comrade in arms has published several well received articles in the past, but has now taken a different road to be yet more involved in the denim industry. They’ve taken on several brands and launched a brand new webstore.

I asked why a webstore, Thomas had this to say “We wanted to make a livelihood of DH and for a long time I’d wanted to create a sales platform for small artisanal brands that I felt deserved more attention. So, I got the idea to combine the two and help these brands grow while generating revenue for DH. We still have day jobs that pay our bills, but my ambition is to be able to live off DH in a couple years time. The store is just the first step, we have several other projects in the pipeline. Of course, some of the revenue from the store will go to our team of writers so we can get even better editorial content. Just because we have a store doesn’t mean we will stop writing about what goes on in the denim business.”

I took my time going through their shop list of brands, no denying that many of which aren’t very well known. Which I assumed was the point, to carry niche brands that will bode well with their North American and European following. Our european counterparts would be happy to know that Denimhunters ships free within Europe!

One name definitely jumped out at me. Many of you would remember Benzak Denim Developers , from the interview I conducted with it’s founder Lennaert Nijgh. Apart from those who backed his crowd fund that launched his brand successfully, many others would find his products hard to come by. Well, now you’ve found an online stockist that promises to bring his latest products to your door step!

Here’s the BDD 710 Green Cast which is essentially a 1967 505 fit with tapered legs.

According to Thomas and his team, around half the products found in the webstore are Made To Order (MTO). Once the order is placed, the brands will go about their craft and send it directly to you. It doesn’t smell fresher than that I tell you.

I came across this Worker’s Bag from Butts and Shoulders, I’m absolutely floored by how beautiful it looks! Read this “The leather is tanned in a 140-year-old factory using a pit tanning technique that takes three months, it is then cut, sewn, and riveted in the Netherlands.” gave me the jones! I haven’t heard of them before but I’m itching for this bag right now.

Another brand that literally leapt off the screen was the legendary Thorogood Shoes. I’ve met the very affable Richard Martens during the Pronto Denim Carnival in 2013. Thorogood Shoes make some exceptionally good looking boots and shoes, I’m sure many of you would have come across the brand by now. The Portage “Roofer” in Horween Chromexcel leather is a stunning example of what this brand has offered since 1892. All Thorogood 1892 boots are handmade at the Weinbrenner Marshfield factory in Wisconsin, USA. As they always say, its about the quality not the quantity. These boots are going to keep you trudging for a long time to come and then some. Just look at the last!

Denimhunters has provided for the denim head on a budget as well. Brave Star Selvage is an american brand that started in 2005 and has since been manufactured in Los Angeles by vintage Reese and Singer sewing machines. The clean lines and sensible styling make it an easy every day pair. Keeping through to it’s american roots, everything found on this pair is made and sourced in America. From the rivets, to the threads, leather patch, Cone Mills selvedge. Have a look yourself. This here is the slim straight offering by Brave Star Selvage.

I’m looking forward to see what other products our friends at Denimhunters will be carrying soon. I’m excited for their new venture, but I feel very sorry for my pocket! TAKE MY MONEY!

Here’s a link to their webstore:

They ship worldwide.

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