Dry vs Dry 2013 Tenue De Nimes Winner
Dec 3, 2013

Our good friends at Tenue De Nimes have been wracking their brains for weeks trying to get their winner.

Today, I have finally received the confirmation.

Tenue De Nime’s winner for the Dry vs Dry 2013 denim contest is user Thomas Nielsen-Nielsen and their winning pair of Levis 501.

tenue de nimes hall of fade winner

This pair was bought in September 2006 and has gone through 5 washes. To see the original post with more pictures, click on the picture above. Here’s what the user has to say about his journey with this pair:

“I got these 1955′s in 2006 and wore them 3-4 times a week for a couple of months. Then I put them in the closet for about a year and a half, before using them for six months, five days a week, as a construction worker. After that, I used them for two months, every day, turning my garage into a workshop. All in all, I’d say about nine months of hard wear, roaming around in grease, saw dust, mudd and whatever else you find in a construction site.”

Congratulations! You’ve won yourself a choice of item from the Tenue De Nimes website.

Thank you to Menno and Kim from Tenue De Nimes for being part of this competition.

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