Hall Of Fade Visits A Shooting Range!
Dec 9, 2014

While in Bangkok, I decided to pay the Thai Army a visit at the shooting range! The inspiration came when “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” played on the hotel room telly. I was overwhelmed with an unexplainable yearn for something exciting and adventurous. Shooting guns in a foreign country seemed the perfect fit!

The Thai Army was practising with high calibre rifles in the lanes next to us. It sounded like a cannon going off!

Here’s the run down on the firearms we were privileged to try.

Czech made CZ 75 9mm. First conceived by Josef and František Koucký in 1975. It’s well known for being reliable and reasonably priced. I found it pretty damn accurate! It was reasonably heavy, though not so heavy I couldn’t feel the kick.

Smith & Wesson Magnum 38 that’s made in the USA. It’s a heavy little revolver that’s extremely well known from the western/detective movies. I was quickly told that clicking the revolving magazine back in place with a flick of the firing hand was complete and utter bollocks. I expected more of a kick from this gun, however, the gun is very heavy and the recoil was subdued as a result. It was a very difficult gun to shoot as the sights seemed fairly useless!

My friend John fired some .222 sniper rifle that wouldn’t look out of place in a farm for rabbit hunting. It had a nice scope and he had a very tight grouping as a result. He was quite disappointed by the lack of power I think.

Finally, the legendary Benelli M3 shotgun. I was rather excited handling this heavy pump action shotgun. I’m not sure why, but shotguns have a special place in my (iron) heart. The owner of the shooting business is a very old man who shares the same passion as me when it comes to shotguns! In fact, he’s a shotgun competitor with many trophies to boot!

Needless to say, the M3 had one hell of a kick! I’ve never fired a gun before, let alone a shotgun. So I was very conscious about how I stood and held the gun. My adrenaline was through the roof after 10 shells with the M3!

If you’re near a gun range, anywhere in the world, I’d suggest you try this. Sport shooting is a really great way to pass the time. Stay safe and don’t mess around at the range ; )


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