This is a video on my trip to Central Vietnam with 3 friends on a motorcycle tour. We flew to Da Nang and started the ride through Hoi An, had a fantastic time swimming in a pristine white beach with crystal clear waters, spending our first night in the small city of Quang Ngai. The second day, we travelled through the mountains enjoying the switch backs and hair pin turns both uphill and downhill. Majestic landscapes and padi …

Denim Review of the limited Fullcount x Signet 1109. Very small production run of this special collaboration between Fullcount and Signet store. It features unbleached wild cotton for the weft that produces a brown hue to the indigo texture. The indigo itself is a specific spec just for this project. It’s a slightly purplish tinge of indigo. Very rich and deep in colour the way Edie from Signet likes it. I got to say, it looks very different …