How to fade raw denim faster
Mar 25, 2012

how to fade raw denim faster

Make it your own.

Raw denim is your blank canvas, and life is your paintbrush.  We want you to have the most unique pair out there.  The key is to live in your jeans.  Wear it as often as possible and let it tell your story. How to fade your raw denim faster? Hall of Fade has some raw denim fading tips for you.

Sure, any average Joe or Jane can scrub the toilets in their jeans.  Break dancing? Been there, done that.  On the stairmaster at the gym? Respect.  But to truly get a unique denim fingerprint, why not try something a little different.

Go scaling

how to fade raw denim faster

Strap on a harness and get climbing.  Head out to your nearest rock and scale it to the top!  Not only is your new jeans great for protecting against scrapes and insects, but getting intimate with the rock will surely give your denim some awesome scuffing.  If you don’t have a climbing site handy, that palm tree in the backyard will do as well. Sliding down the tree stripper pole style will do wonders for fading your raw denim.

Cuddle all night long

how to fade raw denim faster

Only the true aficionado will go the extra mile. So when you’re sitting on your bed at night thinking about how to fade your raw denim, why don’t you just close your eyes and fall asleep in it. Ditch your faded flannel PJs and sleep in your jeans instead. Not only will you look like a rock star in bed, but you’ll be working a cool fade in the process. The natural movements while you sleep will abrade and crinkle fabric and extra time spent in them will loosen up the fabric for added comfort.  Do lay down some dark sheets as the denim will bleed.  Warning: chafing of bed partner may occur.

Do it doggie-style.
how to fade raw denim faster

Ever walked by a dog satisfying that hard to reach itch on the gravel.  Legs in the air, tongue hanging out, and an-oh-oh-so happy smile on his face?  Admit it, you were a bit jealous.  Well no more judgment, next time you have an itch hit the pavement!  The jeans will protect against road rash, and who needs dignity when you have awesome jeans? Remember, these are tips on fading raw denim. Not how to kill yourself. So be safe.

Be a vigilante.
how to fade raw denim faster

Need to earn some karmic brownie points? Grab your jeans, spandex suit and cape (sidekick optional) and hit the streets.    Next time your hear a yelp for help, pause to do your superhero pose before chasing down the neighborhood purse snatcher.  The initial pursuit will earn you those whiskers, while the ensuring scuffle should work the legs.   Remember to return purse to original owner.  Cue applause.

Get in that scrum.
how to fade raw denim faster

One of the best tips on “How to fade raw denim faster” would be this. Find your local game of pick up rugby and jump in the scrum.  Stay low and brace for impact, any aches and pain will so be worth it when you see the final results.

Hola, piñata
how to fade raw denim faster

At your kid’s next birthday party, do away with the papier-mâché and instead fill each leg of your jeans with candy and tie a loose fitting rubber band at the cuff.  Suspend the jeans from a hook in the ceiling – and have the kids go at it!   If you need to attach your boss’ face to each leg, that’s ok too.

Don’t limit yourself.  The odder the activity, the more unique the abrasion patterns on your jeans.

Fine print: the above is meant in jest.  Your jeans is NOT a life preserver, bullet-proof garment, or fire retardant.   Your insurance provider will not cover damage sustained in pursuit of denim perfection.  Please use common sense.

What about you guys? In the comments section below, give us your tips on how to fade raw denim faster.

By Natalie Lasavanich [Edited by Hall of Fade]

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