Raw Denim Care Guide
Mar 19, 2012

Been waiting to upload this for a while. Pronto and their ultra creative team released a raw denim care guide last year that is perfect for newcomers.

Since introducing their raw denim stores to Thailand, they’ve been bombarded with worried customers who want to protect and preserve their jeans investment by giving it the best care possible.

Instead of answering the same questions over and over again on they Facebook page, they decided to release a guide for the inexperienced on how to care for raw denim jeans.

It is truly a work of art, inspired by old Japanese paintings and art style and keeping true to Japanese traditions, the book is read from right to left. It depicts an old Japanese farmer taking care of his jeans. The raw denim care guide is given away for free to customers who purchase a pair.

I’ve made it into an e-book for all the internets to enjoy. So if you’re new to raw denim jeans care or just feeling like looking at some good art, download it by clicking here or on the picture below.

raw denim care guide


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