HWDC2 – Almost half way through.
Jan 20, 2014

Ok, so we don’t officially reach the half way point for another three months, but it felt like a good time to take a quick look back over the first part of the contest, and think about what is in store for the next 15 months.

The second round was always going to be a far more ambitious project than the first, the concept started simply because I love seeing really cool faded examples of worn heavy denim, so it seemed logical to do something to get as much of that happening in one place as possible. For round two things snowballed pretty fast, we started out with 287 competitors (which I believe is the most ever for a denim competition), from 14 different countries making this a true “world” championship, this was greatly helped by taking the contest across 5 different forums and using social media for the first time. We vastly expanded the merchandise side of things too with not only tees, but caps, belts and of course the Iron Heart Mega Beatle Buster 25oz jeans, this presented it’s own set of challenges and interesting situations, such as a midnight drive to a motorway service station near London to pick up the MBB’s with Giles of IHUK.

The jeans went down very well and are by far the most popular pair in the contest, the belts went down so well that I had to commission a second order to be made, the tee’s from our long term collaborators at Double XX were amazing as ever, in fact the only disappointment came from one of our former sponsors, but I don’t think this dampened too many peoples enthusiasm too much.

I was particularly pleased that our other long term collaborators Obbigood Label agreed to come on board with us once more and make the belts, their work is absolutely fantastic and worthy of being worn by a world champion. Their challenge this time around is three fold, as there are now three categories or winner, Heavyweight Super Heavyweight and Yokozuna or overall Champion.


Something that happened in the first round, which I wanted to avoid as much as possible with round 2, was that people dropped out early because they were bored. To combat that we have the challenges this time around, so far we have had people making movie posters, hunting celebrities, engaging in drinking competitions and making some epic foods, and there is still much, much more to come from these challenges. I think that on the whole they have been one of the more successful parts of the contest so far.



Another thing that I’m hoping kicks off more this year is the HWDC meet ups, I have read some contestants in Sweden are planning a meet up and I think that sounds great, I hope more contestants around the world get together too to share their experiences.

Whatever happens next I am really happy with what has happened so far, the standard of the contest this time around is through the roof and some guys will be lucky to have rags of denim remaining by the end. I want to personally that each and every contestant for their support, and I hope that you guys are having as much fun as I am.

Megatron1505 (Gav)


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