Introducing the Jeans Museum
Feb 6, 2012

One of our fellow Hall of Faders here runs an actual Jeans Museum! With super old super worn denim from many brands from all over Europe. He’s built up quite a collection so far. How many you ask? Just over 12,000 pieces!

His name is Ruedi Karrer and he owns and operates the Jeans Museum in the mountains of Switzerland. You can see his Hall of Fade posts here but that’s hardly even the tip of his Denim Iceberg. I’ll let him articulate to you the real essence of this wonderful establishment:

“The main goal of the Jeans Museum is to preserve some really heaviest used and beloved raw denim rags for ever in the not only in the virtual world on the internet but in the real world as well.

Now we have started to sort over 7000 pants and 5000 raw denim jackets from as far back as the 1950s till today – taking pictures of all of them and gathering their information into a database. This is the first time that we are able to build up a proper  inventory for the Jeasnmuseum.

And at the same time, we are rebuilding our vintage and outdated homepage from 2001 into a proper site with main topics on raw denim pants and denim jackets with heaviest fadings and strongest character in the most worn out condition. Of course the new site will be in English too not in German only like the current site. I hope we can do this up till mid 2012 or perhaps a little bit earlier.

The Jeansmuseum is a longterm project with the main goal to give shelter to all the beloved favorite raw denim rags, who can survive forever at this safe place instead of being dumped.

The Jeansmuseum encourage people to wear the hell out of their raw denim stuff, and to keep them alive as long as possible, but never throwing them away, no matter how ugly or worn out or dirty.

We have developed a concept about a proper Jeans Museum funded from sponsors and some governmental subsidies, to replace the current small Jeansmuseum, which is open on request only at the moment.

All this work has to be done but is delayed due to lack of time and money. But it’s still a lot of fun to do this, since raw denim rags are flowing through my body instead of blood since my childhood.

At the end the Jeans Museum will keep alive the raw denim spirit for ever. Always real roughest vintage or raw denim rag items wanted, no matter how ugly, stained, dirty, filth,. Thanks for sustaining Europes largest non commercial denim rag collection founded in the Swiss mountains in 1973 at a time when teachers and parents didn’t like rock music, long hair and worn out jeans at all (12’000 items).

And I’m pretty sure too that we could do a great contest for the community”

Look out for a Hall of Fade x Jeans Museum contest coming your way this year! It’s going to be a feast for the eyes!

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Swiss Jeans Museum

Swiss Jeans Museum

Swiss Jeans Museum

Swiss Jeans Museum

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