Saintkeat – Keat Chan
Nov 11, 2013

Keat Chan was born in Singapore in 1985. Growing up in the 90′s was arguably the best experience one could have. It wasn’t just the great music like the Barenaked Ladies, Our Lady Peace, Oasis, Dishwalla, Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, etc. It was a time when technology was making significant changes to the way we lived our lives. Keat saw the transition from numeric pagers to alpha-numeric pagers, the first ground breaking Nokia phones to the very first coloured Ericsson mobile phone.

His perspective on the world was broad from an early age, having given the opportunity to travel extensively since birth. He saw poverty in Paris when he was barely knee high, swam in the beautiful seas of Hawaii, crawled through the maze of passages in the Pyramids of Giza, slept on cliff sides in the Australian outback.

His journey in denim started when he was 6 with his very first pair of Levi’s, which he wore till they faded white. Having outgrown that, he built a large collection of pre-washed denim, which was donated to charity the minute he started his raw denim journey.

That journey started when he had a deep discussion (read argument) with a close friend when he was told how much his friend paid for a pair of A.P.Cs. Thinking it was a preposterous amount, he investigated into the scene. That was when he discovered the wealth of information available on forums such as Superfuture and MyNudies. After spending weeks reading up on the subject, Keat bought several pairs of Nudies. Each significantly different to experiment on. He needed to understand how certain kinds of denim would look after wear to gain a better perspective. Next, he experimented on all the different methods of washing and soaking out there. From freezing to swimming in the ocean.

It was through these experiences that helped him truly appreciate how marvellous denim actually is. He progressed on to more expensive and unique tastes. He isn’t one to waste good denim, so every piece in his collection now is worn significantly. He believes in a slow and steady progression, “to truly understand the fabric, one must fade it”.

He hopes to leave his denim rags to his child (yet to be conceived) as part of his inheritance. What better asset to inherit than one that was uniquely worn by his/her father? That idea came to be when Keat’s ¬†father handed down a Levi’s type III light brown jacket which he’d worn 40 years ago in college. Keat still wears that jacket proudly today.

The move from a simple consumer to being involved in the industry started when he was approached by Michael Hall. Together, they built up Hall of Fade to what it is today. Keat not only writes but helps with designing the features and contests on the site, also he heads designs on collaborative products you see on the market today.

When Keat isn’t day dreaming about denim tuxedos, he can be seen enjoying high fidelity music or out adventuring. Be it in Asia or abroad, look him up if you’re up for a bit of adventuring yourself!

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