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For the several individuals who clicked this post expecting the “Yellow Submarine”, I’m sorry to disappoint that this isn’t about Ringo Starr! It is of course about a very unique individual named Beatle, who is a creative powerhouse to be reckoned with in the denim industry. The name Beatle has been synonymous with so many things these days. Unfortunately, not many people actually know the person behind the moniker. She’s a tremendously warm and ambitious individual, that has rooted herself in the denim industry as an independent. Since her “Volume One” jeans has been recently put to production, I thought I’d get in touch with her to find out her story, her inspirations, and the essence behind the ByBeatle brand. The following is the transcript of our casual conversation. Saintkeat = SK Beatle = BT SK: I hear you’re from Chemnitz, Germany. I’ve only been to the capital of Saxony, Dresden, it had beautiful tapestry. How was it like growing up in a country that’s been (from what I’ve read) a center of textile production and trade since the medieval times? Surely denim wasn’t hard to find? BT: It’s very interesting that you mention Chemnitz and it’s reference to textile industry – which is true but sadly enough most evidence of the textile industry were long gone by the time I grew up. The town was part of the Russian sector after world war 2 so basically I grew up in GDR – and the city´s textile suppliers were long gone. And finding denim was seriously hard. Denim and the entire jeans culture were actually frowned upon – as the socialist government didn’t approve of anything Rock´N roll or influenced by Western and capitalist systems. There was only one brand of jeans in GDR – a brand called Boxer, which will be quite interesting to Google. So anyways, my first pair of jeans that made me feel really happy were …

Model: 13 MWZ Purchase date (MM/YY): 11 / 2001 Number of washes: 1 – 2 Bought from: Unknown shop in Zuerich How regularly do you wear these jeans?: Almost daily over several years till 2007 Comments/jeans stories: Those pants belonged to Roland, a friend from Zuerich and have seen a lot on the road. They have reached the Jeansmuseum now where they can rest in piece ina safe place for ever what they deserve after a long and hard life

Model: 13MWZ Purchase date (MM/YY): 22/1/2003 Number of washes: 5 Bought from: Seacon Square.Thailand. How regularly do you wear these jeans?: every day and every night Comments/jeans stories:Jeans Is My friend [Front, Back and verification image here]