The Hall of Fade Worldwide Forum!
Mar 18, 2014

Greetings esteemed fellow denim zombies!

The Hall of Fade Worldwide forum has just gone LIVE!

We know what some of you are thinking “Geez, we’ve got enough forums as it is”. That is irrefutably true. However, we’ve done our research and found that plenty of forums especially country specific forums have experienced a drastic downward spiral of activity to the point they’ve become defunct. On top of which, cohesiveness between international communities is non-existent.

We feel that the communities are dying off because there hasn’t been any concrete foundation upon which to grow a budding open and conducive culture. The lack of passionate leaders taking the reign to organise activities and trips for budding and senior denim heads to nurture and bond, is a direct cause for a decline in our global community.

Couple that with how keyboard warriors around the world are afraid to participate in forum discussions for fear of being ridiculed because of their poor grasp of English, owing to the fact English isn’t their native tongue, brings to the foreground how closed our forums actually are.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to take the initiative and bring you a first (as always), a truly world wide forum that is categorised by country! We encourage you to speak in your native tongue or slang/lingo within your country’s forum. No longer will one be prejudiced against by typing the way they speak within their own country! Should you feel the need to speak on an international scale, do so at any of our affiliated threads, where well known retailers and brand owners alike can chime in from time to time.

The person moderating each of the country forums will be one of your fellow countrymen! We have selected Hall of Fade Ambassadors around the world and they will be moderating only their country specific forum. Now these Ambassadors should be cheered and celebrated, for they have taken upon themselves not only the onerous task of moderating a potentially big forum, but they’re also the very people in charge of organising fun activities and trips as often as possible to keep your community alive and tight knit! Think anything from weekly bicycle trips, to hiking in a rainforest, to a pub crawl!

We’ll be uploading all the videos and photos of each trip and activity onto the forum itself. At the end of the year, we’ll compile all the videos from all the trips around the world and turn it into a denim documentary of sorts.

This is where the international cohesiveness begins. Since I’m well aware that denim heads love travelling, this forum style would facilitate their search for fun activities and trips to participate in whilst they’re there on holiday. To illustrate this, here’s an example:

Let’s say I live in London but I’m planning a trip to Switzerland. I can check the Swiss forum on Hall of Fade and see if there are any activities or trips scheduled around the time I’m there. I can sign up for it through the forum thread and mingle with some local denim heads when I’m there, some of whom I’d probably met on the forums online. I could also post my questions in the Switzerland forum under “Ask a Local”, for tips and advice while I’m there.

So, we hope that you’ll make full use of this platform and participate actively in your Ambassador’s activities. If you’d like to be a Hall of Fade Ambassador, just PM any of the admins and we’ll decide from there. If your country isn’t listed, shoot us a PM about it and we’ll see if we can track down a passionate individual to take the lead.

There aren’t many rules to encumber an open discussion, so have fun!

A heads up for people in Thailand, a hiking trip will be organised towards the end of April 2014. Check the Thailand Forum for details soon, Nong33 and Sunny will be your Ambassadors.

A heads up for people in Singapore and Malaysia, a hiking trip to Taman Negara will be organised towards the end of April 2014 as well. Check the Singapore/Malaysia thread for details very soon. Saintkeat and John (Kronoz) will be your Ambassadors.

Visit the forum by clicking above on the menu or here:

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