The Year of the Samurai.
Dec 12, 2012

I’ve dedicated 1 entire year solely on wearing in 1 particular pair of jeans. The Samurai S003JP-A. This particular model weighs in at 17oz, made with 40% Pima cotton and 60% Egyptian cotton. What’s particularly special about this model, was how the weft was made with 100% Japanese washi paper fiber. This makes it “Paper denim”. Paper denim is always priced at a premium, and I had no problems purchasing a pair from Samurai, just to see how they’ll evolve. Apart from the interesting denim, the hardware on this pair was impeccably detailed. It has silver plated buttons and rivets, embossed with a cherry blossom emblem. The construction was made with gleaming silver thread, and the selvage was silver.

Looking at the pictorial above, the numbers correspond to the starting of each month. So “1″ refers to the start of month 1, and “13″ refers to the start of month 13. If you have trouble viewing the tiny images, simply click on it and it will expand to full size for your viewing pleasure.

Now back to what I’ve done with this pair. This Yamato has been traveling with me from London to the French Riviera, down to the streets of Jakarta, and up to the bustling city of Bangkok. I’ve played 13 floorball games in these, ice skated 14 hours, and cycled 2360KM. They have been through 5 washes thus far. I have roughly 10 rips in them, some have been patched some have yet to be. One of my buttons have completely rusted off. At some point, I think I’ll have these sent back to Samurai to have all the buttons replaced for good measure.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my progress thus far, happy holidays from Hall of Fade!

- Saintkeat

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