Nudie Jeans : Thin Finn By Derek By derekgilmore
Sep 3, 2014
Competition : Dry vs Dry 2014
Purchase : 9/2007
Wash : 1
Brand : Nudie Jeans
Wear : Yearly
Soak : 1
Comment :

This is (was) my first pair of raw denim jeans. I bought them with the money from my first job in my junior year of high school. I told anyone who would listen about Nudie Jeans and raw denim to the point of retroactive douche chills. After about 2 years the crotch, knee and a belt loop ripped and I got them repaired and kept truckin’. After another year, the other knee, most pockets and ass were looking super rough. I continued wearing them while shopping for my next pair but ultimately had to retire them when my 45 year old, flamboyant neighbor/barber stuck a pencil into the back rip (to be fair, he did warn me a couple of times he would do it if I kept wearing them around him). I busted them out one more time for a zombie walk on Halloween of 2010 where I accidentally got some fake blood on the crotch and down the legs. Great entry pair. A lot of great memories in these jeans.

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Nudie Jeans : Thin Finn By Derek, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings