Vote Spamming
Aug 16, 2011

Our voting statistics have shown a significant number of cases indicative of vote spamming.  Vote spamming occurs when there are an excess number of votes on a particular item for the sole purpose of raising it to the top of the ladder.  The consequences of these actions derails the competition, as it is reduced to a situation where it becomes about  who has the most friends or free-time rather than the actual quality of the jeans.  This is contrary to the objective of the Dry VS Dry competition.

As a result of this recent activity, we are announcing the discontinuation of the ‘Top Ranked Prizes’.  The winners will now be hand picked by our sponsors.

We apologise for the inconvenience and to all those who played by the rules. This competition is about the beauty of faded denim and we would like for it to remain that way. Our sponsors are respected owners of world famous stores and they will be able to select the winners of this competition.

The star ratings will now be reset.

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